Poltrona Frau: Over a Century of Italian Excellence

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Poltrona Frau is a heavy weight in the Italian furniture industry. This brand was founded in 1912 by Sardinian Renzo Frau in Torino.

Its name is derived from the Italian word poltrona which means armchair and the surname of its founder.
From 1926 it was appointed supplier of the Italian Royal Family and has continually furnished the interiors of great homes and important hotels.

The brand is known for its exquisite leather, which apparently involves a 21-step leather tanning process.

Of course the company has evolved, offering a range of other furniture pieces. It remains best known for its meticulous attention to detail in its leather range. The designs are impeccable.

They seamlessly blend fixed architectural elements into its contemporary designs. Numerous world famous architects and designers have collaborated on their extensive product range including the iconic Gio Ponti and award-winning Keith Williams of Keith Williams Architects.
In addition to its furniture range it also has furnishing accessories. With its new e-shop fully functional, it is possible to customize the leather to your own personal tastes.

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