Christmas Gifts for Her 2020

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Tiffany Wide Hinge Bangle
Bottega Veneta

Christmas is upon us and so is the time of gift giving. 

You might be wondering in such a strange year what are the best gifts for her – the women in your life. 

Of course your significant other is important and we’ve got her covered. However you’ll probably have female relatives and friends of different ages to also buy gifts for.

For most of us, Christmas though not cancelled will look and feel a bit different this year. You may not be able to physically exchange gifts with your loved ones but thanks to online shopping you can have them delivered right to their door.
My mother always hammered home to me that there are 12 days of Christmas. Though we all would love to open our presents on Christmas day remember you can still exchange presents right up to 6th January.

Some companies will continue discounts throughout the entire month of December so if you missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales still keep checking back on your favorite sites.
Just remember you still will not want to be too last minute if you want to meet the Christmas Eve deadline because of shipping backlogs.

Shopping for your significant other

This is one present you don’t want to get wrong. If there is any doubt in your mind just ask. Many women aren’t afraid of letting you know exactly what they want. It’s on you to actually listen.
Everyone wants to feel special even if they deny it. Put some thought into your gift and add your own personal flair.


Tiffany Wide Hinge Bangle
Tiffany Wide Hinge Bangle in 18K Solid Gold

Every woman loves jewelry. An added bonus is jewellery which has both sentimental value but can also be investment pieces. The esthetic of jewellery is as unique and individual as the woman herself. However if you haven’t been paying much attention to her style, an excellent choice would be more minimalist pieces.
Why? Because they can be paired with more extravagant pieces or worn on a daily basis. In essence she will get a lot of wear out of them.

You don’t have to break the bank or put yourself in unnecessary debt to give a cherished piece. I repeat it’s knowing you’ve given a solid quality piece with a beautiful esthetic.

Rings can be tricky for a significant other especially if you haven’t proposed as yet. To avoid a potential minefield if you haven’t had the clearest communication on this issue, stick to other pieces. The amazing thing about jewellery is that you can give age appropriate pieces even to younger relatives.


Bottega Veneta

Bags are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe and they are as useful in most cases as they are beautiful. High-end brands of course will have most women squealing with delight but you can also gift mid-range items which will make the special ladies in your life happy. In terms of color blacks, browns and burgundies are the better options because they can be worn with a myriad of items. If the person you’re buying the gift for has been hinting at a particular color feel free to buy that hue.

 Customers have become more educated about the fashion industry. If you know the lady you’re buying the gift for is passionate about sustainability and ethical fashion please choose brands which support this ethos.


Amazon Fire HD Tablet

There is still a pervasive idea that women don’t appreciate tech gifts. Obviously tech for women has evolved to no longer mean just appliances and electrical cleaning products. All people appreciate anything which can make their life a bit easier, run smoother and intuitively easy to use. Newer model phones are greatly appreciated but beware for older female relatives they may not seem as easy to use as you may think.

Smart watches especially with health and emergency services features can be perfect for the more mature ladies in your life. The Dyson line of hairstyling products remain a favorite this year as they were last year. Modern coffee makers and espresso machines are also much appreciated especially with varying flavors of capsules.

Gift Cards and Vouchers

Net-a-porter Gift Cards

In Italy, gift cards are thought to be impersonal but they are increasing in use especially when you are left in doubt as to what to get someone. I am of the firm belief in letting people choose what they want. Yes it may not be as sentimental and romantic as you may want, but trust me they will be happy they can get something they really desire.

With gift cards also available for online shopping these could be the best alternative yet, for these unusual times we’re in. I am aware that under the tree may look a bit bare if we all used gift cards but it’s just one option if you want to give a gift that keeps giving.


Michelin Star Restaurant Experience

These are highly coveted and you’ll be in everyone’s good books for the rest of the year. That is, if you choose an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. Don’t give a bird watching or rafting experience to someone who hates the outdoors. By the same token don’t give a shopping or car racing experience to someone who prefers total relaxation. Speaking of relaxation, experiences which focus on this are the most appreciated. Spa days, massages, weekend stays and fine dining are excellent choices especially when you’re in doubt.

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