Basic White Shirt Styling: How to Wear It

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Marc Jacobs Victorian Blouse
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Zara Oversized Popeline Shirt
Zara Oversized Popelin Shirt
Chloé Victorian Blouse
Chloé Victorian Shirt
Mango Blouse
Mango Blouse

Everyone should have a basic buttoned-down white shirt. You know the one I mean. Crisp sun bleached white that can be worn with anything.

Well the basic white shirt is anything but basic, as designers amp up their offerings. This gives us a multitude of ways to wear it and throughout all the seasons.

The current trend is to wear the basic white shirt in its oversized version with large sleeves and cuffs engulfing the limbs  – loose-fit- paired with more slim line silhouettes for the bottom. 

Let’s see how else the basic white shirt can be worn.

Victorian  version

Victorian details cuffs, ruffles puff sleeves and neck ties, jazz up a simple white shirt. Simple form fitting bottoms whether a skirt or pants can accentuate the details of the shirt. Try suede or leather pants to pair off the romantic accents of the shirt.


Slouching off the shoulder to give that ‘had to wear my partner’s shirt’ look. This trend will continue well into autumn, as it can be worn so many ways. It’s a versatile look for all body shapes.


Now don’t get scared, thinking of baring your midriff. Cropped for high end designers has taken on a whole new meaning.
Cropped white shirts have been designed to be worn for winter. Designed to give the appearance of being tucked in, they sit comfortably on the waist of high-rise trousers. Bustier structured designs are my favorite but for a more romantic look, try them with details such as knots and bows.

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