5 Habits of Positive People: Positivity in your life

What are the habits of positive people? All of us know that one person who seems constantly happy.

If you don’t know one person like that, change your circle of friends. Seriously! I’m talking about that type of happy person, where when you speak to them they have something uplifting or optimistic to say.

They remain positive despite explaining challenges they might be facing. They are not immune to setbacks in life. However those setbacks instead of acting like molasses seem to act like propulsion jets, pushing them into situations which seem to make them even happier than before.

They have their off-days like all of us do, but they never stay down for too long. Were they just born like that?

Some of us are luckier than others to grow up in environments that cultivate positivity. You’re never too old or too young to begin adopting some of the habits of positive people.

Habits of Positive People:

Remain focused on their goals

Life can throw us a lot of curve balls. At least it’s like that for me. You prepare the best you can but sometimes you run into difficulties. Positive people are able to understand these difficulties are all part of the normal process in achieving one’s goals. At the first challenge they don’t just fold and stop. They seek out solutions and answers.

At other times they just step back for a while.

If they know attaining the goal will make them happy, they do what they humanly can to reach it.

Practice gratitude

Positive people are grateful. It’s easy for everyone to be positive when everything you want is coming to you with ease. It’s when it isn’t, that positive people begin to focus on what is going right for them in their lives.
They concentrate on things, people or circumstances to be thankful for. I’ve written an article on the benefits of gratitude. By practicing gratitude, they lift their mood, allowing them to see challenges as surmountable.

Seed their environment

Seed their environment
Consciously seed their environment

Positive people and negative people do not usually gel well on a long-term basis. This is because a positive person understands the influence people around them can have on their outlook on life.
They consciously choose the people who can get close to them. Supportive and uplifting people who can encourage them. It even applies to the books they read, what they watch and what they listen to. Feel free to take a ‘break’ from people or things that you realize aren’t making you happy, if you can. It’s your prerogative to maintain your happiness.

Accept themselves

No it doesn’t mean that positive people don’t enjoy growing and evolving. It just means that they have learnt to accept their quirks and idiosyncrasies as elements that add depth to their personality.

Accept yourself
Accept yourself

They aren’t trying to change themselves into a more palatable version for everyone constantly. Everyone has a different version of what the best version of ourselves looks like. Only you know what the best version of yourself can be. They don’t talk negatively about themselves constantly. They will have those negative thoughts that come to them, but they don’t entertain them for very long.


Smiling a trait of positive people
Smiling a trait of positive people

It is easy to identify positive people. Smile or a giggle at the ready. Not the fake smiles! Positive people will find humor in many situations. They don’t take themselves or situations too seriously. Laughing in general tends to improve your mood. Positive people do not make jokes at another person’s expense. They rate kindness highly as a trait they wish to express.

Can you identify other traits in positive people?

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